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Hey there, guys and gals. My name's Maddie. I'm pretty new to the series--I just started reading the Drizzt books in December and I haven't finished them all yet. (I figure I should just read one whole thing straight through and then move on to something else. XD;) Currently I'm waiting for the Hunter's Blades trilogy to arrive at my doorstep.

Aside from introducing myself, this post does have a point. I'm looking for RP partners who are interested in character development and fun. I'm dying to try my hand with other people in this series. I currently play Drizzt at a small RP (taediumvitae_rp), and I'd like to do some goofing around over AIM or what-have-you.

If anybody is interested, my AIM is xtheleadingmanx. Feel free to IM. ♥
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