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First Post (Introductions)

Hello, hello. I'm Aisha. I'm an avid (or rabid, depending on perspective) fan of the Forgotten Realms, and not just Salvatore either. Most people I meet who love FR only read Salvatore's works. In any case, I first got into the Realms sometime in 2001-2002 by picking up Sea of Swords. Since then, I've been reading FR books by Salvatore, Kemp, Cunningham, and Greenwood. I hope to be published with WotC sometime later this year.

Enough of that.

I want to know where I can dig up more extensive information of the Shadovar as well as the Empire of Netheril. I can't find the Lords of Darkness book anywhere which I am told has a lot of information on the Shadovar. So, for those of you who are waist deep in Forgotten Realms campaign books...enlighten me to pieces. Thanks! :)
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