bascule (bascule) wrote in forgottenrealms,

Interview with Salvatore--teasers for Road of the Patriarch, title of next Drizzt novel revealed

Lavender Eyes has just posted an interview with R.A. Salvatore. In it, he provides a few teasers about his upcoming Forgotten Realms novel, Road of the Patriarch, and reveals the tentative title of the next Drizzt book, The Orc King, which will carry on the Legend of Drizzt story where The Two Swords ended. He also confirms he is giving consideration to writing a prequel about Zaknafein and Jarlaxle, which will be set before Drizzt was born. He also talks a little about certain aspects of the writing business, touching on Anne Rice's reaction to reviewers and commenting on the dismissive belief some people have about tie-in novels all being "rubbish", for example.
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